Welcome to Pass It On Kids Consignment Sale!

Twice a year moms and dads bring their kids’ clothes, toys, furniture, and baby items, and Pass It On provides the facility and the people to host a sale for the Edmond and Oklahoma City Metro areas. Click on the link, "PIO 101" for more details.

Time for Transition

Pass It On has been purchased by Lilyfield of Edmond (www.Lilyfield.org). This wonderful ministry plans to use the proceeds from the consignment sales to help fund their non-profit adoption and foster care programs. How cool is that?


We were so blessed by the response of those who showed interest in purchasing Pass It On. So many of you expressed a desire to maintain the integrity and professionalism of our sales. That alone was extremely encouraging to us. Thank you!


However, throughout this process, we have prayed for the Lord to do with His sale what He willed and to make it clear to us which way we should go. He has been faithful! When we met Holly Towers and Angie Ricketts at Lilyfield, and when we heard about the impact that their ministry has had, and is having, on countless lives in our community, we knew that this was the only choice for us.


We could not be more pleased to know that Pass It On is in good hands, and that it will continue to benefit you and the community. Now, all of your efforts consigning, working, and shopping will, in some small way, go to help the helpless. That brings us great joy and, we believe, honors God.


Holly and Angie are going to host their first fall-winter sale October 22-24, at the Armory in Edmond. They will need the same love and support that you have shown us all these years. We hope that you will consign, volunteer, and shop at the new Pass It On. We will be!


The good news for you is that Lilyfield will be using the same website – www.PassItOnKids.com -- and the same online software, which means that you will keep your same consignor number and log in – hooray! The site will open September 19.


We want to thank all of you for your patience these past several weeks; and we wish Holly, Angie, Pass It On Kids, Lilyfield, and you the best of success.


We hope to see you soon at Pass It On!


Amy and Jacqui


Important Reminders

65% or 70%?

Consignors have the opportunity to receive 70% of their sales, if they work a three-hour shift during the sale. Otherwise, non-working consignors will receive 65% of their sales.


Tag Deadline

Don't forget to have all of your tags entered by Monday night, October 20, 2014, by 10:00pm. Though you will be able to print after the deadline, you will not be able to enter any more tags.


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