Welcome to Pass It On Kids Consignment Sale!

Twice a year moms and dads bring their kids’ clothes, toys, furniture, and baby items, and Pass It On provides the facility and the people to host a sale for the Edmond and Oklahoma City Metro areas. Click on the link, "PIO 101" for more details.

Fall Sale Date and Location



We are happy to share that we have secured a location large enough to accomodate the Pass It On Fall Sale. As we shared in the spring, the Memorial Road Church of Christ will be hosting our spring sales but can only accomondate us one time a year.


The Mayfair Church of Christ located at 2340 NW 50th Street has offered to host our fall sales and we have set the dates as September 11-12, 2015. We did work to find a location in Edmond, however there simply is not another location in Edmond large enough for this sale. The great news about the Mayfair location is that it is a heavily trafficked area and it should attract lots of shoppers! 


The great news is that since we have secured large lcoations for both spring and fall, we will be able to increase the number of items that each consignor can be bring to our sale to 200 items. We will be able to accomodate furniture again this sale and we will be allowing maternity clothing as well. 


We will be continue with our Friday-Saturday sale schedule with a Thursday drop off date. For the fall sale, we will also be adding scheduled drop off times on Tuesday and Wednesday at our office which is located at 15th and Rankin in Edmond. For those of you who get your items tagged and ready early, you can get your drop off taken care of prior to Thursday. There will be a limited number of these scheduled appointments! 

We are so thankful to all of you who make the Pass It On Sale possible. We do plan to open sale registration early this summer and we will be sending more details as the sale dates approach. We look forward to seeing you in September. Let us know if you have any questions. 


At Lilyfield we remain busy with the working of our ministry of placing children into loving families who can care for their individual needs. Each and every day we see lives changed as children get the gift of a family. Thank you for being part of that work by participating in our sale! 


Holly Towers

Lilyfield Executive Director


Important Reminders

65% or 70%?

Consignors have the opportunity to receive 70% of their sales, if they work a three-hour shift during the sale. Otherwise, non-working consignors will receive 65% of their sales.


Tag Deadline

Don't forget to have all of your tags entered by Wednesday night, September 9, 2015, by 10:00pm. Though you will be able to print after the deadline, you will not be able to enter any more tags.


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